US Post Acute Care

A clinical practice group dedicated to excellence in post-acute medicine

US Post Acute Care is a premier clinical practice group dedicated exclusively to post-acute medicine. We are 100% committed to the delivery of high quality care to patients in skilled nursing facilities, nursing homes and other sites of care for patients discharged from the hospital.

CEO Darren Swenson MD founded US Post Acute Care driven by a deep commitment to patient-centered care in the post-acute community. US Post Acute Care has built a team of highly experienced physicians, nurse practitioners and physician assistants dedicated to providing excellence in patient care to post-acute communities across the US.

“Nothing corporatized, nothing compromised”, US PAC is here solely for post-acute patients, their families and the facilities that serve them – and that makes all the difference.

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“There’s a real opportunity for a clinically-focused organization to provide leadership in post-acute care on a multi-state level.

US PAC has a proven and scalable model of care demonstrating improved clinical outcomes across the spectrum of post-acute services.”

Darren Swenson, MD
Founder and CEO

About Us

Our exclusive focus on post-acute care delivers better outcomes

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We focus on 3 strategies to deliver better value for our patients, facilities and all our stakeholders:

  • Affiliate only with “best of breed’ clinicians in post-acute care
  • Provide our clinical team with a full range of financial and administrative support specific to post-acute medicine
  • Create an alliance between our clinician team and our facility clients to deliver better patient outcomes


A proprietary clinical excellence program designed by and for our post-acute providers

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Excellence in post-acute care demands focus on achieving success on specific clinical metrics. SmartPACTM, our proprietary clinical excellence program, is designed to ensure both performance and accountability, enabling each of our clinicians to optimize the quality of their practice.

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Affiliate with a team dedicated to delivering real value to all stakeholders in post-acute medicine

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Consider affiliating your practice with US PAC. We seek like-minded clinical leaders and provider groups who share similar core values in our collective pursuit of better patient care. Our aim is to enhance the growth of high-potential clinical practices by providing value-added resources and infrastructure.