About SmartPACTM

Clinical excellence program

US Post Acute Care announces the introduction of a proprietary clinical excellence program called SmartPACTM. Now in use with more than 3000 patients in over 30 post-acute settings, SmartPACTM is designed to deliver a comprehensive system of post-acute care clinically proven to deliver high quality patient outcomes. Key elements of the SmartPACTM program include the following:

  1. Focus on the application of Quality Assurance and Performance Improvements (QAPI) with specific and measurable goals for medical providers and staff administrators in providing care for patients in a post-acute setting.
  2. Design and implementation of a training and education program specific to readmission reduction, delivered via onsite training, teleconference, and sharing of best practices with experienced post-acute practice group partners.
  3. Intensive engagement of the facility Medical Director including direct patient encounters, interdisciplinary rounding, transition management, analytics, and medical staff performance on all key metrics. The Medical Director pro-actively supervises the Advanced Practitioners, and is responsible for their ongoing professional development.
  4. Thorough documentation of all clinical information to ensure a quality care experience for the patient as well as a smooth and effective transition of care.
  5. Dual focus on both the skilled nursing patient and the long-term care patient, addressing their specific needs as distinct categories of patient care.
  6. Heightened communication between medical staff and facility staff, enabling greater responsiveness and efficiencies in patient care. Continuous formal and informal interaction between the medical and administrative teams ensures the rich exchange of information critical to ensuring excellent quality care for patients.
  7. Employing medical staff with specific expertise in post-acute medicine. Clinicians who are highly experience with post-acute care patients bring added value through a demonstrated commitment to the care of their patients.
  8. Accountability for meeting and exceeding clinical metrics established in partnership with facility leadership. Frequent review and response to clinical outcomes establishes a culture of efficient and responsive care.
  9. Creating value through delivery of excellence in post-acute care.