About Us

Providing post-acute care clinicians the tools and resources required to deliver high quality care to the communities they serve

US PAC is responding to the growing need for improved medical care in post-acute communities with a focus on delivering quality care to patients in nursing homes, skilled nursing facilities, and other post-acute sites of care.

At US Post Acute Care, we measure the value we deliver to our key stakeholders and we hold ourselves accountable for our performance:

    • We deliver value to our practices by actively supporting provider retention
    • We provide our clinical team a variety of innovative analytical tools and processes to improve care at the bedside in real-time

The quality care we deliver each day to our patients is directly connected to the clinical wellbeing of our medical staff. US PAC actively encourages the wellness of our clinical team to maintain a healthy work-life balance, which is essential to long term career satisfaction. We strive to create a workplace culture that is enjoyable and rewarding; a career professional at US PAC deserves nothing less.

Jon Brannon, MBA
Vice President
Recruitment at US PAC

“Working for USPAC is a stimulating environment for our clinical team. The practice group embodies a family dynamic, with an element of autonomy and flexibility that a clinician rarely experiences in their career. The entire team has a clear understanding of what needs to be done to deliver quality patient care. This makes my job as head recruiter much easier; once a candidate gets to know our practice culture, they’re bought in.”