Clinical Services

US Post Acute Care offers a comprehensive set of clinical solutions to provide our patients with a program of quality patient care across a full spectrum of clinical services. Our model of complete care enables better coordination of care at lower cost to deliver better patient outcomes.

Post Acute Medicine is the foundation of our practice group. US PAC Medical Directors are primary care specialists with responsibility for the comprehensive direction and coordination of patient care.

A full clinical staff of psychiatrists, psychologists, and psychotherapists with expertise in senior care are available to meet patients’ behavioral health needs at any time. Behavioral health clinicians will also work with our team to reduce or eliminate usage of opioids, antipsychotic or antidepressant medications where medically appropriate.

US PAC has built a data analytics platform that streams data to the entire clinical team. This empowers our staff to make the best clinical decisions based on live data input from a variety of sources. Our state-of-the-art data analytics program is interoperable with our client facilities, providing a powerful engine for the facility’s QAPI program.

On-site specialized treatment for cardio and renal patients is now available through the US PAC provider network. This reduces the need for off-site transport of patients, lowering rehospitalizations and increasing patient satisfaction and convenience.

On-site hemodialysis offers greater convenience to patients. Avoiding the hassles of transportation to receive offsite care saves the patient time and energy, which improves their quality of life.

US PAC is on the leading edge of chronic care management by combining on-site medical care with 24/7 remote patient monitoring technology. Clinical and facility staff analyze the data to improve patient outcomes, prompt early intervention when needed, and reduce hospital readmissions.

Our telehealth service is staffed by clinicians who are experienced in providing remote care to meet the special needs of the post-acute patient community. Operating under the supervision of our medical leadership, telehealth providers are available in a variety of medical specialties, and work in conjunction with our on-site clinical staff to address a fast-growing need for more comprehensive and efficient patient care.

SmartPACTM is our Clinical Excellence Program designed to improve patient outcomes by creating accountability for meeting goals on specific quality metrics critical to successful post-acute care. Clinical Program Directors responsible for meeting key objectives such as readmissions, opioid reduction, fall prevention and antipsychotic reduction are assigned to each facility and are accountable for performance.