Clinical Support Services

Our clinical staff can count on the support of US PAC clinical services to help ensure the very best quality of patient care available. These services, available at no extra cost to the facility or the patient, brings the care team together to support our common goal of producing better patient outcomes.

Our telehealth service is staffed by clinicians experienced in providing remote care to meet the special needs of the post-acute patient community. Operating under the supervision of our medical leadership, telehealth providers are available in a variety of medical specialties. Telehealth providers work in conjunction with our on-site clinical staff to address the growing need for more comprehensive and efficient patient care.

US PAC offers a variety of pharmacy management services such as patient medication reconciliation and review, reduction of opioids and antipsychotic medications, antibiotics stewardship, and facility cost controls.

US PAC continues to develop a data analytics platform that streams data to the entire clinical team in real time. This empowers our staff to make the best clinical decisions based on live data input from a variety of sources.

US PAC effectively manages the recently implemented Patient Driven Payment Model. We optimize effectiveness through careful and accurate documentation of diagnoses and comorbidities, case mix management and proper use of rehab and therapy resources.