Toll Free Compliance Helpline

US Post Acute Care is committed to ethical conduct and regulatory compliance with our employees, patients, customers, and other stakeholders. We provide a toll-free helpline to assist in the reporting of complaints or concerns related to risk and compliance issues, including:

  • Fraud, waste or abuse in medical billing, coding or contracting
  • Harassment or retaliation
  • Clinical event or incident
  • Privacy or confidentiality concerns
  • Customer service issue
  • Comments, concerns, or other issues

TOLL FREE HELPLINE: 844-877-2221

We want to make it easy to express a concern or report an incident. The hotline has no caller ID or tracing capability. We will not attempt to identify anyone leaving an anonymous report. However, we will follow up with those who choose to leave their contact information. Leaving contact information may assist in the investigation or resolution of your reported incident.

The helpline voice mail is private and confidential. Protected Health Information and patient details may be left securely in the voice mail.

All reported incidents will be investigated by US PAC. Any report made on good faith will be held as confidentially as possible and appropriate. No caller will be subject to retaliation for making a good faith report.

At any time you may report an incident directly to US PAC’s Compliance and Risk department, at: