Goals of Care Conversations

Using the Serious Illness Conversation Guide

At US PAC, our clinicians are trained how and when to initiate Goals of Care Conversations with their seriously ill patients. Most clinicians understand the need to conduct advanced care planning and have goals of care conversations with patients and families. However, too often, these conversations happen too late, are of low quality and aren’t well communicated to other members of the health care team.

Based upon  guidelines developed by Ariadne Labs, this evidence-based technique has been shown to be associated with more, earlier and better goals of care conversations. Patients and clinicians who have been trained to use the Serious Illness Conversation Guide report high satisfaction rates.

High-quality goals of care conversations is the sixth plank of SmartPACTM, our proprietary clinical excellence program.

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Clinician satisfaction with the training

Study published in JAMA documents that training in Serious Illness Conversations results in more, earlier and better conversations